HUG Private Sector


ENT and cervico-facial surgery

If you suffer from hearing, balance, taste or smell disorders, our experts in the ENT arena guarantee you comprehensive care, encompassing diagnostic, therapeutic and psychological aspects.

They have skills in every subspeciality of their discipline, for newborns, children, adults and the elderly alike. They work closely with HUG’s other departments to offer you the medical, surgical and rehabilitation services required to treat your functional disorders.

This expertise is widely recognised in Switzerland and abroad. HUG is one of the world leaders in the highly specialised field of investigating balance disorders and possesses cutting-edge means of assessment.

In terms of the distribution of highly specialised medicine between the five Swiss university hospitals, HUG was designated as the French-speaking Swiss centre for cochlear implants. The first multichannel cochlear implant was fitted in 1985, in collaboration with an American team from Harvard.

This centre is responsible for caring for cases of profound deafness requiring rehabilitation with a cochlear implant.

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