HUG Private Sector

Your stay

Your departure

In order to facilitate your return to everyday life and organise your follow-up care, your departure is prepared as early as possible by your HUG doctor.

During your stay, it is important to contact your insurance in order to find out the conditions for financially covering your continued treatment.

Your contact nurse will help you to take the necessary steps with regard to rehabilitation or convalescence or to organise the necessary services for your return home.

You may leave the hospital on any day of the week, including the weekend, at the following times:

  • late morning (11 a.m.) if you are in floor surgery
  • early afternoon (1.30 p.m.) in floor medicine.

Before leaving the hospital
On your departure, the nurse will give you the necessary documents: prescription, departure notification for your general practitioner and your next appointment at the HUG.

If necessary, a personalised car service is available to take you home and purchase the medication that you require.

Your day


Your day