HUG Private Sector

Your stay

Your insurance

Whether your admission is an emergency or planned, your stay in our private division will be organised, according to your wishes or your insurance contract, on a private or semi-private basis (private room or shared with one other person).

Our team will contact your insurer to obtain proof of coverage of the financial costs of your hospital stay. If the protection is insufficient, you will be asked to pay a deposit.

If you wish to benefit from a hospital stay in our private division and this is not included in your insurance contract, you are required to pay a deposit on your admission.

The amount of this deposit may be paid:

  • in cash
  • by credit card
  • by bank transfer
  • by bank guarantee.

If you are insured with an international or foreign insurer, before your admission you must ask your insurer to provide proof that the entirety of your stay will be covered.

This proof of coverage should be handed in to the private admissions office on registration.

Your day


Your day